Occupational therapy helps children develop skills they will need to successfully function in everyday life, from getting dressed to writing their name. Children with developmental delays, or special needs, struggle with these simple tasks, and other functions such as age-appropriate play and interpreting sensory information. When a child is unable to efficiently process sensory information, other difficulties may arise, including problems with speech, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and regulation of emotions. These kids often also have trouble learning in school.

Occupational therapy relies on developmentally appropriate activities that are fun and targeted, to strengthen core areas. Since each child is different, our approach is personalized to the individual. We focus on sensory integration, presenting the child with activities that challenge the ability to respond appropriately to sensory information from the environment. That information, in combination with meaningful activities, improves sensory integration in the brain, enhancing regulation of emotions, promotion of organized play and learning.

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Children also develop fine and gross motor skills and dexterity, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, upper extremity strength and range of motion, self-care, attention skills, social skills and pre-writing/handwriting skills. Occupational therapy differs from physical therapy in that it also focuses on cognitive, psychological and social components, not just the physical. Our occupational therapists work 1:1 with a child.

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