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Welcome to SPEC

Speech Pathology & Educational Center is a continual story of success in diagnosing and treating pediatric speech and language disorders, developmental gross and fine motor delays for over 32 years.

Trusted by parents and doctors in Miami Dade County we have helped thousands of children achieve remarkable, life-changing results.

Our family consists of bilingual certified, licensed professionals, experienced speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology assistants, registered occupational therapists, certified teachers and counselors trained to provide the highest level of service for each child.
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Our eclectic approach allows us to be child-centered, tailoring therapy and educational programs to meet each child’s individual needs. We believe parents are a child’s first and best teacher and we value their participation in the therapy process.

We look forward to providing you with our quality services and we appreciate the opportunity to positively affect lives on a daily basis.
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Specialized care for children with developmental delays

Promote individual achievement to help children reach their full potential

Educate families to foster their child's communication, physical and educational abilities.

Commitment to service excellence in our community using a family centered approach

SPEC is committed to providing services to a multicultural and diverse community through specialized treatment and educational programs. All treatments promote enhanced communication skills with cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development of children and help develop the family-child-therapist/teacher partnership.

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Rather than focus on individual therapeutic interventions, SPEC's vision is to treat the whole child with a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses collaboration in all aspects of the child's life. Our "team mentality" takes into consideration a child's family, teachers and therapists. We also provide an educational component through various programs, because we know school is the gateway for achievement. Our approach, and curriculum, has one goal - to help each child we see succeed in school and in life.


All our services can be offered

At our centrally located clinic in person
Through Telehealth
At area schools and daycare centers
Throughout the community through partnerships and affiliations

Community Partnership



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